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  • News > Activities > Sport and Recreation

    Sport and Recreation

    In very pleasant and relaxing environment, near the Morava, there is a Sports Center with Sports Hall and open-air swimming pools and sports grounds.

    In hot summers, most local people and visitors find shelter from heat in the shade by river, and the place to cool down in the river and swimming pools, whereas the youngest are most attracted by tobogans and water umbrellas. 

    Open-air grounds comprise a mini pitch,a football air dome, a football stadium, a volleyball cout,  a basketball court and three tennis courts, a sand volleyball, outdoor gym and a children’s playground.

    Outdoor swimming pool complex-mini aqua park includes an Olympic size swimming pool and three small pools for children. Pools are equipped with turtle shaped toboggan and water mushrooms for the youngest visitors, as well as water tower which includes three toboggans for slightly older children: “Turbo slide” toboggan (total length of 11 meters), “Super slide” toboggan (total length of 11 meters), and “Kids open slide” toboggan (total length of 26 meters). The complex also includes a restaurant for serving drinks and fast food, sunbeds, showers and umbrellas. The complex provides an opportunity for whole-day entertainment and recreation for the whole family. During Summer, swimming school, water games, concerts as well as events for children are organized.

    TavanturaS  Park is a unique adventure park designed to offer a children an original and healthy, active fun time in natural surroundings. Located within the Sports Centre, it is the perfect location for your next adventure.

    The sports and recreation complex provides an opportunity for whole-day entertainment and recreation for the whole family.

    avantura park, sport

    Fishing and Hunting

    Zapadna Morava River runs through Trstenik municipality in the length of 20 km. Numerous armlets, river islands and diverse flora make the landscape very attractive and are a fisherman’s heaven. There are many fishing competitions being held there.

    Municipal Association of fishermen

    Phone: +381 37 714 550

    fishing, sport, recreation

    Hunting has a very long tradition in Trstenik municipality: during the Middle Ages this area was hunting ground of the aristocracy, including the Prince Lazar. The hunting area ”Dubička reka’”coincides with the territory of the municipality Trstenik. Its area is about 448 km2.

    Hunting association ”Trstenik” manages hunting area and has around 1700 members.

    Hunting Association ”Trstenik”

    Dr Milunovica 10

    Phone: +381 37 714 776

    e-mail: lutrstenik@gmail.com

    hunting, recreation, sport

    There are mountain trails, over 100 km long for the admirers of nature and active vacation in the Gledić Mountains(922 m) and Goč (992 m). The program includes discovering the peaks of neighbouring mountains.Visitors can walk, hike or bike the trail. For those interested in hiking and cycling we recommend  The Trail of Princess Milica and The Old Crafts Trail, which except of refreshing, offers cultural experience.

    If you go along The Trail of  Princess Milica, you will follow the footsteps of Serbian ruler and founder of the Ljubostinja monastery. This ground marked her life: she grew up here on the estate of her father, Jug Bogdan, here she first met prince Lazar, she founded her endowment and this is the place where she rests. 

     The Trail of Princess Milica

    Start in Trstenik: Sculpture of Princess Milica, the Church of St. Trinity – Cultural center –the building of elementary school St. Sava – The House of Katić –  Trstenik Museum – iron bridge over Morava – The Church of St. Petka on Vetrenjak – Ljubostinja Monastery – the return to Trstenik over the concrete bridge on Morava.

    trail, hiking, mountain trails

    Profile: Hiking and bicycle tour

    Length: 15km

    Time needed to complete the tour: 5 hrs hiking, 2 hrs by bicycle

    Lowest point: Trstenik (172m above sea level)

    Highest point: Đula (438m above sea level)

    Terrain: asphalt, macadam, forest road

    Hiking conditions: safe in any weather, from spring till autumn.

    Activities: walking, mountain climbing, biking, walking the dog, hunting, fishing, herbalist, picking mushrooms and forest fruit, taking snap shots, culture, history, trying homemade foods and beverages.

    The Trail of Princess Milica connects monuments that have marked the history and cultural identity of Trstenik people for good.

    There are two resting places, sport fields, one resting facility, several restaurants, winery, several  info-boards, mountaineers’ signs.

    If you go along The Old Crafts Trail which leads through the valleys of the Popina river and the Bršljanica, you will familiarize with watermill stories, the art of sandstone processing, the authentic Lime Kiln or you can be wrapped in one of those handmade  scarves and the greatest fashion admirers  will remain envious.

    The Old Crafts Trail

    Start from Trstenik: Trstenik Museum-Soda Shop-City square –Osaonica –Dublje (mill stone carving workshop) –Popina (stone carving) – Brezovica (lime kilns, watermills, ethno village, church) – Rogovi – St John church – Čairi – the return to Trstenik

    Profile: hiking and bicycle trail

    Length: 25 km

    Time needed to complete the tour: 8 hours for hikers, 4 hours for bikers; from Trstenik, as well as from Vrnjačka Banja, takes about half an hour to get to the Brezovica by car.

    Lowest point: Trstenik (172 m. above sea level)

    Highest point: Rogovi (513 m. above sea level)

    Terrain: asphalt, macadam, forest road

    Hiking conditions: safe in any weather, from spring till autumn

    Activities: walking, mountain climbing, bike ride, walking the dog, bird watching, hunting, fishing, herbalist, picking mushrooms and forest fruit, taking snap shots, learning old trades, trying homemade food and drink, hanging out with locals, rural activities…

    There are two ethno houses, watermills, two resting places, sport fields, outdoor pool.

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