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    Do you know?

      • That in the area of the municipality of Trstenik, first type of city life had existed more than 8000 years ago, in the now village Poljna, in Blagotin reagion. Archeological region Blagotin was put as one of the oldest and richest early Neolithic excavations on the Balkan.
      • On Blagotin site, wheat seeds were found (7-12cm) made from clay which were given as a gift to the Fertility Goddess in Blagotin temple. On the back on one of the clay seeds, an urban plan of Blagotin settlement was drawn, which is considered to be one of the oldest conserved urban plans.
      • That in the Ljubostinja Monastery, the first poetess in Europe had lived, nun Jefimija, also known by her name despot Jelena Mrnjavcevic in her life before becoming a nun.
    Princess Milica and Nun Jefimija
    •  That in village Poljna near Trstenik, Radoje Raka Ljutovac was born, an artillery man of Serbian army in the First World War, written down in History as a man who took down a plane with a cannon (a bust in his honor was erected in front of a judicial building). He is the bearer of “Karadjordje Star” and “Albanian Memorial”. By this event, September, 30th has been proclaimed to be the National Artillery day of the Serbian Army, and the military barracks in Kragujevac carries the Raka’s name (because this event occurred on the Medjak hill near Kragujevac).
    • That the famous Serbian politician and prime minister of Kingdom of Serbia from the beginning of the 20th century Nikola Pasic was working on the urban solution for Trstenik (so called regulation plan) as an assistant to the auction engineer Franc Winter.
    • That on the first topographical map of Trstenik and surrounding area was made by Zivojin Misic, famous military commander in the Balkan wars as well as the First World Was.
    • That in the todays committee building, which during wars was transformed into a hospital, in the year 1915 the Duke Vojislav Tankosic, one of the conspirators of Sarajevo Assassination, also known for his incredible courage had died (the street carries his name)
    • That before the Second World War, Nikola Kalabic was working as a geometer, the commander of Gorska Guard of the Yugoslavian army and he was one of the closest associates of the General Draza Mihajlovic
    • That, during the First World War, in Trstenik hotel “Topalovic” singers from Wien opera we guests.
    • That the founder of “Politika” Vladislav Ribnikar was born in Trstenik
    • That the famous writer Dobrica Cosic was born in Velika Drenova near Trstenik
    • dobrica-cosic
      Dobrica Ćosić, the famous writer
    • That famous director and screenplay writer Rados Bajic was born in Medvedja near Trstenik
    • That in villages near Trstenik, Medvedja, Bogdanje, Grabovac, a famous TV show “Selo gori a baba se ceslja” was filmed.
    • That the bell tower at Holy Trinity Church in Trstenik is the tallest in Serbia (33 meters)
    • That Velika Drenova was the greatest exporter of Vine grapes in the world.
    • That in the municipality of Trstenik, 3.000.000 different types of fruit seedlings are produced annualy
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