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    Manifestational life of Trstenik is diverse. ”Jefimija’s Days” has the longest tradition, where  as ”Pečenjijada” gathers the numerous and the most cheerful visitors.

    Ortodox (Serbian) New Year, 13 th  January

    Swimming for Epiphany  Cross, 19th January

    manifestation, swimming for Epiphany Cross

    Winegrowers’ Day – St Trifun’s Day, 14th February

    Celebrating St. Trifun, the patron of vintners and grape growers, is a tradition in viticulture of Trstenik. In the festive spirit and the plenty of wine of high quality, wine toasts and poetry are told and  the king of wine is chosen.

    manifestation, winegrowers day

    Spring Mountaineers’ Day, April

    Spring Mountaineers’ Day takes place in April. It attracts a great number of admirers of nature and this kind of sport  takes place in Trstenik municipality. The Mountaineers reach Samar, the highest peak of the Gledić mountains, that has an altitude of 922 meters above sea level.  The second day is traditionally reserved for visiting Goč.

    manifestation, spring mountaineers day

    Humanitarian auction of Easter Eggs, April-May

    International Folk Dance festival „Svima na radost-Evropa folk fest“, April-May

    festival folklora svima na rodost


    Grafter’s Day, April-May

    Museums at Night, May

    Graduation dance, May


    Goulash making competition in Ugljarevo, May-June

    Municipal St Patron’s Day-Holy Trinity, June

    Jefimija’s Days, June

    Visitors coming in June will experience traveling through time and go back to medieval century.Jefimija’s Days is a cultural manifestation with the longest tradition, dedicated to nun Jefimija, the first Serbian female poet, which is held in the churchyard of the Ljubostinja Monastery and Cultural Center. Famous actresses recite the Ode to Prince Lazar in honor to Jefimija. The programme contains the Female art colony, Letter of Jefimija, poetic offerings, musical programme. Poetic award “Jefimija’s embroidery” is awarded every year on this manifestation.

    The Ibar and Morava River Regatta, July

    Trstenik on the Morava river, August

    Manifestation Trstenik on the Morava river is a cheer compilation of entertainment, sport, cultural events and friendship. Broth cooking is the favourite discipline of those who adore it and this is a rare happening for the central part of Serbia. The pole boat race is a unique competition on the Balkan. It requires not only physical condition but skill of conducting a boat along Morava’s rapids using poles. Sports courts near the Morava river are reserved for competitions in volleyball, tennis, water polo and on the banks of the river fishermen and swimmers compete. Local artists, musicians and children are also part of this good, almost holiday atmosphere on the town’s beach. Concerts, theatrical performances and literary evenings, baby crawling contest, karaoke and young models parade  are reserved for the  evening programme.

    The Blackberry Day, 1st and 2nd August

    kupinijada, manifestation

    Festity in Krusak, 8th August


    Motocross Championship in Ridjevstica, August

    Moto show in Trstenik, August


    International Art Camp, September

    art kamp lur

    The International Art Camp of the Romany gathers art creators from home and abroad. It exceeds the Romany manifestation because it is dedicated to international understanding and cultural cooperation.

    Roasted Pork Festival „Pečenjijada“ in Stopanja,September

     Village Stopanja, well known for its delicious pork and lamb, is the host of Pečenjijadа“- Roasted Pork Festival. During the “Roasted Pork Festival” nearly 20.000 visitors rushed to Stopanja to enjoy the smells and taste of the fresh and hot roasted pork. On every step there is a pork or lamb being roasted. In wine and brandy street, local specialties made from plums, pears, grapes are tasted. On music stage, the best singers of our folk music are performing.

    Farewell to summer in Jasikovica, September

    Paprika days in Velika Drenova, September

    All breeds Federal Dog Exibition, October 

    The Day of Municipality of Trstenik, 15th October


    The Fair of Hunting, Fishing and Rural Tourism, October

    The Association of hunters and fishermen involves more than 1700 hunters and 2000 fishermen. These and the location of Trstenik, coupled with the potentials for sport and recreational tourism recommend Trstenik as the right place for the Fair of Hunting, Fishing and Tourism.

    Memorial Football Tournament ‘’Ljubiša Vukadinović’’, November 

    Contemporary Serbian Prose, November

    Contemporary Serbian Prose is a cultural manifestation, which takes place every November in Trstenik, gathers eminent creators of contemporary prose art and it is organized by National Library “Jefimija”.


    Ribnikar’s Mountaineers’ Day, November


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