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There are several legends concerning the name of the town. According to one of them, it is said that the Slavic tribes who had settled here, brought with them the name Trstenik from their original homeland, nowadays Moravska, where you can still find similar toponyms such as: Trsteno, Trstene. In the Middle Age “trstenik” was the name for the place where vine was planted.
The legend says that an old dirty  road was passing through  Brezovica village, the road which was leading to Niš via Župa, and the Emperor Constantine and the Empress Jelena, passing through the village, received Christianity nearby the spring Krštena voda.
It is also said that there is a ruin in Donji Dubič, which is 5 kilometers from Ljubostinja, which dates back to the reign of Uroš Nemanjić time, father of Dragutin and Milutin. Around this town, all fields and woods were the property of the king, and his son Milutin was born into one of these estates. This place was later named Milutovac, and  still exists under the same name.
According to the folk tales, the name of the monastery Ljubostinja is derived from the words “love” and “place” (place of love). According to the tale, this is the place where Duke Lazar and Duchess Milica first met, and she decided to build a monastery as a reminder of that event. 
In the area of village Ribnik life existed in the early Neolithic period, so called culture of Vinča. According to legend, the entire field from the village to the river Morava was filled with fish ponds. From these fish ponds the Nemanjićs, Hrebeljanovićs, Obrenovićs and Karadjordjevićs ate fish. The village got its name by the rich fish ponds spreading in the lower and upper part.
Počekovina is one of the oldest villages in the municipality of Trstenik. During the battle of Kosovo, Počekovina was an important spiritual center of the Prince Lazar. The Prince himself often visited the village and just before the battle of Kosovo Počekovina was the shelter for the soldiers who were waiting the call for going to the battle field.