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The Veluće monastery, which carries the same name as the village, is 5 km south from regional road Kruševac-Kraljevo, “in the middle of Prince Lazar's land”, and from the west, the monastery is situated on the approach to  his capital.
The Veluće monastery is one of the rarest monasteries whose founder is unknown, but it is certain that it was built in 1377 - 1378, and depicted in 1389. According to the founder's fresco and inscription in the naos   it can be concluded that the founder was a woman. The legend says that the monastery was founded by Mara, daughter of Prince Lazar and wife of Vuk Branković, as a symbol of repentance. Be that as it may, the founder remains veiled. 
Architecturally, the monastery belongs to the Morava school, and because of its similarity with Lazarica in Kruševac, it is considered that the Lazarica monastery  was model and they were built at the same time by the same masters. 
Monastic buildings are situated in not so wide garden full of flowers and mass of greenery. 
In the vicinity of  the monastery, between Veluće and Tobolac, there are springs of natural mineral water which has been known for its therapeutic characteristics for decades and the monastery is usually called “spring building”. Earlier it was known as Srebrnica named after the river. You can still find few gold and silver miners.