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St Petka Church St Archangel Gavril in Ribnik village

St Petka Church, 2 km from Trstenik, is situated in one of the most beautiful spots where magnificent scenery can be seen and it is surrounded by vineyards. Allegedly, before Princess Milica moved the sacred bones of St Petka from Trnovo to Belgrade, they had rested in this church. It is believed that water welling here cures sterility.

Church of St Archangel Gavril is in Ribnik village. As the legend says, village was named after rich fish ponds. The Nemanjićs, the Hrebeljanovićs, the Obrenovićs and the Karadjordjevićs adored fish from these fish ponds. In 1824, Miloš Obrenović built the church for people of this village and it was one of his places for repentance. This church is one of the oldest in Trstenik municipality and in 1984, it was declared the cultural monument and it is under protection.

St. Petka Church in Brezovica, dating back since 1931, was built on the grounds of the older wooden church (1874.)

Orthodox Church of Saint John, known among local people as Petkovica was also built on the ground of much older wooden church.

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