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The Ljubostinja Monastery is  4 km north of Trstenik and it is an endowment of Princess Milica which was built from 1388 to 1405. Milica is one of the most impressive characters as wife, mother and ruler in Serbian history. The name Ljubostinja originates from two words “ljubve” and “stan” which means Place of Love. This is the place where Milica had first met her future husband Lazar and in memory of this event she decided to establish the monastery.
Since the beginning, the Ljubostinja monastery has been the center of cultural and spiritual life. Besides Milica, later Nun Evgenija, the monastic life also found Jelena, later Nun Jefimija, who was the  wife of Despot Jovan Uglješa Mrnjavčević. She was the first Serbian poet. Her famous work is “Ode to Prince Lazar” which was embroidered by a golden thread on big red cloth which was intended to cover the body of the killed prince. Both rulers died and were buried here, in this monastery. The legend says that Milica, while her friend  was dying, gave Jefimija her sarcophagus ,which she dedicated for herself,   with carved lily that denotes purity and chastity which is usually attributed to the Holy Virgin.