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Morava and its bridges are regarded as trademark of people who live in Trstenik. Numerous meanders, river islands and dense vegetation make the landscape attractive and it is paradise for fishermen. Morava is full of fish such as sneep, chub and barbel, little less  catfish, but very rare types are  carp and bream. Mountain streams are rich in brook trout which is a symbol of pureness of water.
The Morava surroundings are pleasant to hikers, sportsmen, artists. Yet, the biggest lovers of Morava are fishermen and boatmen. Morava boat is unavoidable item in Morava landscape. It is run by a pole, and skilled boatmen compete on manifestation “Trstenik on the Morava river” which has been organized every August for the last 15 years.
Ethno house ''Vilin dar''  for her guests organized raft ride. Enjoy the gentle ambience of the Morava.
There are mountain trails, over 100 km long for the admirers of nature and active vacation in the Gledić Mountains(922 m) and Goč (992 m). The program includes discovering the peaks of neighbouring mountains.Visitors can walk, hike or bike the trail. For those interested in hiking and cycling we recommend  The Trail of Princess Milica and The Old Crafts Trail, which except of refreshing, offers cultural experience. 
If you go along  The Trail of  Princess Milica, you will follow the footsteps of Serbian ruler and founder of the Ljubostinja monastery. This ground marked her life: she grew up here on the estate of her father, Jug Bogdan, here she first met prince Lazar, she founded her endowment and this is the place where she rests.  
If you go along  The Old Crafts Trail which leads through the valleys of the Popina river and the Bršljanica, you will familiarize with watermill stories, the art of sandstone processing, the authentic Lime Kiln or you can be wrapped in one of those handmade  scarves and the greatest fashion admirers  will remain envious.
Collecting medical herbs, mushrooms and forest fruits are activities offered to the visitors in the villages.
Hunting has a very long tradition in Trstenik municipality: during the Middle Ages this area was hunting ground of the aristocracy, including the Prince Lazar. The hunting area ''Dubička reka’''coincides with the territory of the municipality Trstenik. Its area is about 448 km2. 
Hunting association ''Trstenik'' manages hunting area and has around 1700 members.
Is there a  better way to experience the beauties of this town then to observe them from the air? Panoramic sightseeing of Trstenik and its surroundings with fascinating landscapes of forests, rivers, vineyards, monasteries is a unique experience. The Aero Club Trstenik organizes tourist flights including sightseeing of Trstenik and its surrounding area (Vrnjačka Banja, Kraljevo and Kruševac, the monasteries of Ljubostinja, Veluće, Žiča, Kalenić, St Petka). 
Mountaineering and skiing Association
Čajkina 20
Phone: +381 37 710 104 
Water sports Association ''Zapadna Morava''
Phone: +381 37 713 716
Municipal Association of fishermen
Phone: +381 37 714 550
Hunting Association ''Trstenik''
Dr Milunovica 10
Phone: +381 37 714 776
Touristic-sports airport
Аerodromski put bb
Phone: +381 37 711 175
Ethno house “Vilin dar”
Phone: +381 37 710 974
Mob. +381 64 216 03 18