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    Dan vinara i vinogradara - Sveti Trifun

    Dan vinara i vinogradara - Sveti Trifun
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    Сајам туризма у Београду

    Сајам туризма у Београду
    February 22, 2019

    Сајам туризма у Београду

    Сајам туризма у Београду
    February 23, 2019

    Сајам туризма у Београду

    Сајам туризма у Београду
    February 24, 2019

    Сајам туризма у Београду

    Сајам туризма у Београду
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  • The grapevine of Hilandar was brought to Trstenik village Seliste


    Pantelic Family, from Seliste, in which the grafting is the family tradition for over four generations, have grafted the grapevine from the old Hilandar vineyard which dates back to 19th century. From the small number of grapes sent from the Hilandar 49 seedlings from the first class succeeded in growing. The vine area and hardworking men, the bringing and planting of this grapevine is a great blessing as well as honour and privilege. On this way, the connection from the believers from these area with the Hilandar and the miraculous vine Saint Simeon the Peacemaker is going to be even greater.

    Only recently have the Grapevine from the Holy Mount, from Hilandar Monastery, been planted in the port of Ljubostinja Monastery

    The miraculous grapevine of Saint Simeon the Peacemaker is on the greatest Serbian orthodox sanctities. People come for it from all over the world regardless of their religious beliefs. According to the lecture from 1208, when Saint Sava decided to transfer his father’s Saint Simeon remains to Serba, from his grave, Grapevine grew. As a real wonder, and above all the laws of nature, the grapevine grew from the rock and with time grew even through the walls of the church. The grapevine of the Saint Simeon the Peacemaker gives fruit every year, not asking for special care and during centuries it is a consolation to married couples who have problems with conception. There are numbers of written documents of the healing properties of this grapevine and its fruit, and the oldest one is from the Turkish age in 1585. As a thank you note, the Turkish man gifted an enormous property to the Hilandar monastery and he erected the Kakovo monastery, Hilandar convent on the Atos peninsula in Greece.

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